Freitag, 7. März 2008

Process of emergence-static frame 3


Matias del Campo hat gesagt…

You are making progress here. I guess that the arrangement was done manualy. But as long as you get to a result that mirrors your ideas on population behavior and emergence it should work. Check this out here to see some ideas on computational emergence and also some flocking etc. :

SaM hat gesagt…

Looks promising, I also like the static frame2 arrangement.

As for the cells:
1. please save either one or both agglomerations (static frame2/static frame3) and smooth the surfaces then render and post them.
If the result is not satisfactory you might need to generate a new cell in the same arrangement

jois hat gesagt…

ya i will render the frames.
thanks you both of you.I hope i will be successful to get the process. i did not do the arrangement manually i used duplicate special and then deformed it using lattice.