Samstag, 8. März 2008

Deforomation tools > bend

Comments would be appreciated...

Second deformation type acting both vertically and horizontally.
Tool: non-linear bend

More on wave deformation: changing plane angles.


Matias del Campo hat gesagt…

There is something going on here. The deformation of the pattern is making progress. The question is how this procedural deformations affect the ground of your site. As the pattern is affected so should also the ground. It would be interesting to see the result of such a process.

Balokány hat gesagt…

Yes, I have tried it already but actually it turned out that deforming the ground would be a diffrent story. If you remember my plaster models, the ground is a thin layer of plaster, always horizontal. That's how the submerging effect is the clearest, I believe...

SaM hat gesagt…

Hi Timea
Looks promising, but could you please post a top view?
1. The problem with the regular agglomeration is that you probably won't get different densities. If you have problems finding patterns, that could produce this variation in density, just have a look at your abstract machine. Please try to agglomerate a lot of cells (I mean really a lot like 30, 40 or even more) on specific spots before you 'wave' them. That might get you interesting spatial effects.

2.I don't think you'll find the time to incorporate the site into your design, so I'd suggest you just don't render/delete the plane for the final review.
3. I'd also recommend you'd render a perspective view - somehow the geometry of your cells looks corrupted - hope I'm wrong here though.

Balokány hat gesagt…

As the title suggests, my last two posts were on finding the best deformation tools. Pattern changing comes next.
Thx for comments.