Dienstag, 11. März 2008

Mohammad(s): Final 03

Mohammad (s): Final 02

Mohammad(s) : Final 01

Montag, 10. März 2008

Gradients, Part X

Gradients, Part IX

Gradients, Part VIII

Final model

interactive system 6

interactive system 5

Interactive system 4

Interactive system 3

Interactive system 2

Interactive system 1

Homologous Invasion !!!!

The Pattern of movement on site is envisaged as a emergence system set out of forces ,over a time to breed a new species ,which still has the inherent gene.

The Agents(here a cube)takes up a network of trails to agglomerate quantitatively and qualitatively over a time to give rise to varying spaces,these spaces adapt,communicate and influences both -in the system and outside the system(study from abstract machine).

Thus the individual agents or trail makers account for a major change in the network to give rise to a new population behavior.

Behaviour 4

Behaviour 3

Behaviour 2


Final model

Sonntag, 9. März 2008

Final model

Summarizing viscosity

Analyzing the 'inspiration':

Sequence of operational points at which gensis occurs

presentation 1

flocking video

Gradients, Part VII

Gradients, Part VI

Interstitial spaces

Mohammad(s): Mass Distributing Strategy (surface tension)

Gradients, Part V

The pattern of movement -static frame

The global cells from the fine cell......a formation


Process......Cells in interaction !!!

Process......Cells in interaction !!!

Idea of many.......Relation between form force and formation

Interacting Systems

Practicing shaders