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Final Review approaching..

Final Review Approaching..
Dear Students,
the end of our course is approaching on high speed and we are very curious about your final results. So here are some guidelines and comments for the end of the Exomorphic course.

I´m happy to announce that Hernan Diaz Alonso, Head of the LA based architecture firm Xefirotarch, and Oliver Bertram (Assistant in the Greg Lynn studio) will attend the review and comment your projects

First of all I would like to congratulate all of you for the great effort you put into this course, and the great results you shared with us on this blog. Keep up the momentum generated so far and we will end with excellent results. For the last couple of days we are planning to proceed as follows: I will post now some guidelines for the material we want to see for the final presentation.

Saturday 26th, 4pm is the day: Presentations...

Some technical things about the presentation format:

We would like all of you to rely on a specific coloration scheme of your projects, concerning the renderings, as we want to see the geometry of your projects clearly. The main color should be white. You can also create differentiation with the surface quality (Glossy, Opaque, metallic surfaces, Brushed metal, Glass etc) Of course you can put your eye on how to work with light and shadow to achieve specific cinematic effects and atmospheres. No bump mappings, as those are not a clear representation of the geometry you created originally. Render with the rendering Engine in Maya you feel comfortable with.

Renderings, images: Show a brief summary of the progress of your design: From the Abstract machine, to the analysis of the result, to the explorations and speculations on the issues within the computer. Try to create a stringent story-line to explain your project clearly in full extent.

We will rely on the concept of presenting the work over the blog. No printing required. Let´s call this our contribution to sustainable teaching, and we have all the projects documented together on the net. My advise to you: make a copy of the entire blog on a CD or Harddrive, who knows how long this will stay online. By making a copy you can store this course away.

We are really looking forward to see all of you and your projects.


Matias del Campo

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